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Fact Sheet: AcrySof® ReSTOR® IOL

AcrySof® ReSTOR® is a breakthrough lens that uses apodized diffractive technology to give patients a full range of vision - near through distance - and greatly reduces their reliance on reading glasses or bifocals.

The AcrySof® ReSTOR® intraocular lens (IOL) is an artificial lens used in cataract surgery for patients with or without presbyopia. The unique patented optic design results in highly-predictable visual acuity results, meaning patients can read the text on items such as prescription bottles, magazines, newspapers and computer screens, while also providing the ability to see items at a distance independent of reading glasses or bifocals. In fact, clinical trials have demonstrated that four out of five patients reported never wearing glasses or bifocals following bilateral cataract surgery.

  • Clinical data demonstrates that AcrySof® ReSTOR® IOL greatly reduces dependence on glasses or bifocals. 80 percent of patients in the IOL clinical study did not need to wear glasses with AcrySof® ReSTOR® IOL, compared to eight percent in the monofocal control group following bilateral cataract surgery.
    • Combined Visual Acuity: 84.3 percent of patients demonstrated combined vision without glasses of 20/25 or better for distance and 20/32 or better for near.
    • 85 percent of AcrySof® ReSTOR® IOL patients achieved 20/40 or better binocular uncorrected intermediate vision at 23.5 inches.
      • In most states, distance vision of 20/40 allows individuals to pass the visual requirements for the driver's license test without glasses or contact lenses.
  • The AcrySof® ReSTOR® IOL is made of the same highly-biocompatible acrylic material as Alcon's market-leading AcrySof® family of intraocular lenses, which have been implanted in more than 25 million human eyes since 1991.
  • AcrySof® ReSTOR® IOL uses a combination of three complementary technologies: apodization, diffraction and refraction. Its unique apodized diffractive optic design provides the ability to focus light correctly on the retina for images at various distances without mechanical movement of the lens.
    • Apodization is a gradual reduction or blending of the diffractive step heights.
    • This unique technology optimally manages light energy delivered to the retina because it distributes the appropriate amount of light to near and distant focal points, regardless of the lighting situation.
    • Apodized diffractive optics are designed to improve image quality while minimizing visual disturbances. The result is an increased range of quality vision that delivers a high level of spectacle freedom.
  • In addition to providing increased spectacle freedom, AcrySof® ReSTOR® IOL filters both ultraviolet and blue light.
    • While the lens provides increased blue-light filtration, it does not alter color perception.
    • Previously, Alcon developed AcrySof® Natural IOL for cataract surgery that is specifically designed to filter both ultraviolet and blue light.
    • Alcon applied this same technology to AcrySof® ReSTOR® IOL.
  • The AcrySof® ReSTOR® IOL achieved CE mark status April 4, 2003, and currently is being implanted in patients outside the U.S. AcrySof® ReSTOR® IOL received FDA approval on March 21, 2005.

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